Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Caroline's Got Talent - Spring 2012

Photos by Helge Nome

Brylee Peacock on Guitar

Kately Willsie and Abigail Ophus - dancing

Kayleen McKie - singing

Brody Hamilton -  comedy

Trinity Murphy - dance

Blain Pengelly and Carson Evans - magic

Ashley Hoefsloot, Breanne Kerik, Angel Somers - dance

Cody Haney - Master of Ceremonies

Emma, Jolie, Jenneal, Emily, Rayne - cheer

Jenna Pengelly - singing

Sarah Johnson (foreground) - magic show

Mitch Fraser - official camera man

Cheyenne Larsen - guitar and singing

Alyx Stange - dance demonstration

Kirsten Collison - show organizer
Kailey Watt - piano and singing

Erin Willsie and Hayley Beeman - dance

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