Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations fly-past

Photos released by the British Ministry of Defense

Commentary by Helge Nome

The photos below give a birds eye view of the crowds celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee in front of Buckingham Palace. The photos also vividly demonstrate just how vulnerable a civilian population is to extermination from above.

In response to German attacks on the civilian population of London by VI and V2 cruise missiles towards the end of the war, Lancaster bombers were used to exterminate countless thousands of civilians in German cities in 1945.

It goes to show that there is no mercy in war. And the civilian population bears the brunt of the savagery.

Bomber's view from front of Lancaster bomber: A huge crowd with Buckingham Palace in the background (Click on photo to enlarge)

On target

Lancaster cockpit crew

Rear view: Hurricane escort

Rear gunner view

Side view

View from below

Arbutus Hall and grounds, June 2012

Photos by Helge Nome

Arbutus Hall, constructed with concrete blocks

Shelter for outdoor skating rink

Hall - view from the east

Horseshoe competition  pits

Outdoor skating rink

Ball diamond area

Yard in front of hall

Saturday, June 23, 2012

West country snapshots

Photos by Helge Nome

Anxious mama

Forestry block sod churner

Overlooking work done

Sticks and stone, roots and loam, nothing argues with these puppies

Churned soil, ready to grow another crop of trees

Getting a grip on things

Rig Street Road, overlooking the Clearwater River Valley

Hillside damage by off-road vehicles

The Clearwater River severed the approach to the Rig Street Road bridge during recent flooding

Rig Street Road acting as a berm against Clearwater River floodwater

Control valves on pipeline in the bed of the Clearwater River

Culvert channels floodwater under Rig Street Road

Bearberry Museum hall

Big rack? - detail of entry to Bearberry property

Rocky's first Market on Main Street

Photos by Helge Nome

Rocky's Main Street, looking south
Bees under the bonnet

Main Street, looking north, a steep hill
Accommodations, take your pick

Unusual priorities

Large and small, they all turned out for the market

Huggable fat cat

An unusual "tie"
Entry and exit
Bringing Main Street alive

Main Street overview, looking south

Guidance for the elderly

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Innisfail's new library building

Photos by Helge Nome

Innisfail's new library building has a sod roof

The front of the new library building

Reception area, books and reading desks to the right

Currently unused meeting space in the library building

Book area

Reading desks with lights

You get a feeling of being part of nature

Technology and nature meet